Our Offer

We deal with the following areas:

Education and professional development

  • counselling on selection and career growth of employees by reviewing their skills and personality through assessment center and psychometric tests
  • analysis of educational needs of individuals, groups and teams through assessment centers, development centers and psychometric testing
  • creation of educational systems and educational programs, talent management
  • development of skills through training (soft skills, management skills, business skills). When educating we use model situations from the daily practice of our clients and the training participants have the opportunity to set the training content as they desire, so that it will meet their needs as closely as possible.
  • team development through programs of team cooperation carried out using the experimental learning method (team building, team spirit)

Counselling in management and human resources

  • analysis of corporate culture
  • counselling in managing organizational change
  • solving various problems through individual consultations, moderated workshops and complex projects

Grant counselling

We focus mainly on challenges in education and human resources. Our consultants have rich experience in preparing and managing European projects.

  • Writing projects – developing the project plan, request, detailed budget, feasibility studies and necessary attachments, depending on the nature of the challenge.
  • Project management – managing complex projects for both the public and the private sector.
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