Our Philosophy

We work following these principles:


The quality, professionalism and diversity of the people on our team allow us to combine the know-how of various industries, giving us competitive advantage.


We have long-term partnerships with verified and professional partners working in synergy with each other, allowing us to offer our clients a comprehensive package of services.


Mutual trust of business partners, the 313 team and our clients, as well as respect for moral and ethical principles in business and cooperation.


When solving our clients’ needs and requests, we do not know the word problem. When addressing the requirements of our clients, we do not know the word problem. We only see challenges and we have the courage to take responsibility and bear the risk with clients, finding effective and efficient solutions.


" Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime"

Our company has been involved in the non-profit sector from the very beginning.

  • We care about what is happening around us and in society, and we want to make changes that will lead to improvement. Therefore, we are actively cooperating with several NGOs and through our participation in their projects we are making efforts to improve the quality of the social environment.
  • We don’t make financial donations but we invest a part of our profit in those projects of non-profit organizations that we consider meaningful.
  • Another form of our support is the dedication of time by our employees, instructors and experts in meaningful non-profit educational projects.
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